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How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy so You Can Enjoy it This Summer

Summer Perth Lawn

The sky is blue, the sunscreen is out, and we can all finally adorn our favourite hats. Yes, that’s right, it’s summer. Undoubtedly the favourite season for many in Perth, summer is a time for enjoying your garden, and your lawn. 

Whilst we love summer, your lawn can find the hot days a bit challenging.  Evaporation, hydrophobic soil, blocked sprinklers, increased wear from children’s play and social gatherings,  pets trying to cool down etc… Carabooda Lawn Perth has put together the following guide on how to best keep your lawn healthy this Summer, so you can keep doing what you love more often. 


During the summer there are understandingly fewer rain showers, meaning your lawn will get less natural water. It is important to Water the surface of your twice a week (the maximum amount allowed in Summer). You can check your watering days through the Water Corporation here

When watering your lawn in the summer, it is important to ensure that it reaches the lawn’s lower soil, as water on the surface can easily evaporate in hot temperatures. The best way to do this is to water in the cooler hours such as early morning. The easiest and most water-efficient way to do this is by having a professionally installed irrigation system, set on a timer. Check out our blog on irrigation for more information on how to irrigate Lawns in Perth. 


Just like watering, it is recommended to water the lawn in cooler hours such as early morning, or late afternoon. Mowing the lawn during the day, especially in the heat can actually cause the lawn to burn. In the Summer, the lawn is more likely to grow faster due to the increased exposure to sunlight brought by the longer days. You should mow the lawn at least once a week, never removing more than one-third of the leaf height and aiming to keep it to about 2-4 cm to allow for the soil to still have some shade.

If your lawn is getting much more foot traffic than normal, and you are finding patches, it might be best to leave it a little longer than normal to offer some protection.  

Wetting Agents

Wetting agents such as Aqua Force Premium Soil Wetter which you can purchase from Carabooda Lawn are used by professional landscapers and Perth lawn installers as it offers long-term water efficiency and rapidly penetrates the soil. Using wetting agents at the start of the warm weather in Spring regularly to the end of Summer can reduce water costs and use by reducing loss from evaporation and runoff, whilst it will also improve water penetration when watering, keeping your lawn healthy.

You can easily use a wetting agent by attaching it to your hose when watering the lawn thanks to the easy-to-use hose-on application that comes with the product. A 2L bottle of Aqua Force will treat 200m2 of turf. 

We also have a wide range of products you can use to keep your lawn in great condition including the Organic 2000 fertiliser, our own branded Granular Fertiliser, or try a lawn care starter kit. which is great value for your money.

Now Enjoy Your Lawn!

What is the point in caring for your lawn and ensuring it stays healthy if you don’t use it? There are multiple things you can do with your family on your Perth lawn this summer! 

  • Have a game of backyard cricket
  • Make your own garden picnic
  • Go on a scavenger hunt with the kids!
  • Feeling hot. Why not have a water balloon or water gunfight?
  • Invite your friends and family over for a Barbecue

Love your lawn? Purchase your next turf from those that live and breathe all things lawn, Carabooda Lawn, Bunnings turf supplier for turf supplies Perth and regional WA. We currently have both Windsor Green Couch and Winter Green Couch available, both lawn varieties love full sun and only require low watering, making them perfect for Summer.

Alternatively, you may prefer one of our two popular buffalo varieties, particularly for those shaded areas,  Matilda Soft Buffalo and Sir Walter Soft Buffalo. Enquire today!