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It’s Time to Check Your Irrigation

Perth Lawn Sprinker

Winter weather is fading fast and the warm Spring days have begun.  Perth Home Owners are once again allowed to water their lawns and gardens. However, you shouldn’t just hope for the best and flick the retic back on!

As one of Perth’s premium lawn suppliers, we have developed a list of tests and checks we recommend you complete prior to doing so. 

Check for leaks. 

It’s best to ensure that your water supply sources do not have any leaks. The easiest way to do this is to switch off your house taps and reticulation cycle, then check your water meter. If the dials are moving, then it most likely means you have a leak and water is being wasted somewhere in your mains or garden irrigation system.

Check your irrigation system.

When your irrigation system is turned on, the water should only be dispersed from the designated valves. If there is water coming from other points of the system, you could have faulty pipelines or attachments that need replacing. If you detect a hidden leak, and your system was installed with a WaterMark certified isolation valve, you may be eligible to claim a leak allowance. 

It’s also recommended to check all sprinklers to ensure that they are spraying water where needed. Sprinkler sprays should cross-over each other to ensure that all areas get adequate water. Over the colder months, your nozzles might have blocked, twisted, or grown over, causing water to spray onto paths or areas already being watered. You should adjust these to ensure that water isn’t being wasted and that all of your lawn is being watered adequately.

Ensure the system is working as needed.

Perth lawns require different amounts of water depending on the time of year. In the summer months, your lawn will require more water, particularly in January and February when the heat can dry out lawns. Regular applications of soil wetter can assist with this issue. In the wetter, colder months, such as June to August, minimal water is required, as there is very little growth and too much moisture can encourage fungus.

Waterwise recommends that in September, your system be run manually on your designated days, whereas in October you can run it automatically at 60%, in November at 80%, and as you move into December you should run it at 90%. As you move into these months, check that your timer is being run at the correct day and time. You can also help your lawn by installing a rain sensor to prevent the retic from running after or during rainfall. 

Is the system installed correctly?

This is the most important part. Is your irrigation system installed correctly? If your Perth lawn didn’t grow well in the previous summer, and you have completed the relevant checks, it could mean your system wasn’t installed correctly. There could be a number of factors involved, such as an incorrect number of sprinklers, sprinklers being installed in the wrong spot, or the wrong type of sprinkler being installed for a particular area.

You can avoid all of this by getting your irrigation system checked by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator. For a limited time, eligible Water Corporation customers are able to apply for a Watercorp rebate of up to $300 for the purchase and installation of weather based irrigation products and controllers, and also receive a free test of their water system. 

Alternatively, if you are planning on having a lawn supplied by us, one of Caraboooda Lawns’ recommended Turf Installers will be able to assist with the installation and set-up of a waterwise approved irrigation system. 

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