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The Ultimate Guide to Child-Friendly Lawns

Roll on Lawn in Garden

Creating a safe and inviting outdoor play space for children begins with selecting the perfect lawn. With a large range of choices available, it’s important to select a grass variety that provides both a soft and durable surface while requiring minimal maintenance to keep up with the demands of active kids. Carabooda Lawns Perth has a variety of options including Matilda Buffalo, Sir Walter Buffalo, and Savana Santa Ana Couch – each of which offers unique benefits for families seeking the best kid-friendly lawn. 

Matilda Buffalo: Softness, Durability, and Resilience

Our Perth-grown Matilda Buffalo grass is great when it comes to combining a child-friendly lawn that offers softness, durability, and resilience. Our popular hybrid variety boasts a plush texture that’s gentle on little feet, making it perfect for children to play and explore outdoors. Whether they’re running, jumping, or rolling around, Matilda Buffalo provides a comfortable and inviting surface for endless hours of outdoor fun.

Beyond its softness, Matilda Buffalo is exceptionally durable, capable of withstanding foot traffic and recovering quickly from wear and tear. Say goodbye to patchy, worn-out lawns, Matilda Buffalo maintains its vibrant green colour and lush appearance even in the face of energetic play. With its superior resilience and child-friendly features, Matilda Soft Buffalo sets the standard when creating the perfect play space for kids.

Sir Walter Buffalo: Low Maintenance Luxury

Sir Walter Buffalo

If you are looking for a lawn that offers both luxury, whilst providing low maintenance, and a hassle-free family solution, then look no further than our Perth Sir Walter Buffalo Grass. One of our most popular varieties, this lawn thrives in a large range of conditions whether it be in the full summer sun, or partial shade, allowing for year-round enjoyment for both adults and children. 

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass can grow rapidly, whilst maintaining a dense growth, allowing it to be resistant to weeds. Sir Walter Buffalo provides an inviting, lush surface for playing children, meaning busy parents can spend less time on lawn maintenance, and more time making important family memories in their Australian backyard. 

Savana Santa Ana Couch: Dwarf Pollen-Free Fine Couch

Savana Santa Ana

Savana Santa Ana Couch is perfect for families that have children or pets that suffer from allergies. Our popular pollen-free variety offers the benefits of a lush durable lawn, without the risk of triggering allergic reactions to sensitive children. 

Say goodbye to sneezing fits or itchy eyes for your family and create a safe, inviting play space for your family with Carabooda Lawn’s brand-new Savana Santa Ana Couch.

Choosing the Perfect Lawn for Play Lawn

When it comes to selecting the best lawn in Perth for children, Matilda Buffalo, Sir Walter Buffalo and Savana Santa Ana Pollen-Free Couch are easily the top choices, each offering a range of unique benefits that will suit the many needs of Australian families. Whether that be softness, durability, low maintenance, or a great look, there is sure to be a choice for your backyard.

Your family is sure to enjoy countless hours of outdoor fun with a lawn from Carabooda Lawns Perth. Explore our wide range of Perth Turf varieties today.