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Carabooda Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu turf is a bright green soft leaf turf grass which does not go dormant in Winter like all other turf varieties. It is predominantly used in parks such as Kings Park, golf courses, school ovals and surrounds, rural residential properties and your local park where it is enjoyed by children, animals and birds. As Kikuyu is vigorous and easy to grow, this fabulous grass variety has become very popular here in Perth, self-propagating and quickly repairing areas affected by high foot traffic such as a concert or sporting events. So for all lawn addicts and garden lovers, you’ll enjoy lots of mowing and socialising with your neighbours. Be kind to your Kikuyu and give it some extra water on the very hot days!

Tolerant of Foot Traffic

Thanks to its robust nature, Carabooda Kikuyu Grass can withstand heavy foot traffic without compromising its lush and vibrant appearance.

Fantastic For Children and Pets

Kikuyu's soft leaf makes it fantastic for children and pets. Its durability makes it great for school ovals, day care centres, playgrounds, sports fields and public open spaces used for outdoor festivals and concerts.

Superb Tolerance

Kikuyu turf is very hardy and performs well when correctly maintained. It has superb tolerance in many different locations and climates, but prefers Spring, Autumn and Winter.

Weed Inhibitor

Lastly, Kikuyu turf is a good weed inhibitor derived from its highly competitive growth habits