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The Benefits of Installing Turf in Winter

Installing Turf in Winter

Carabooda Lawns, one of the largest turf farms in Perth, understands the importance of setting high standards within the Perth turf industry. We know that when laying new turf in Perth, it is important to choose the right season to have the best results. Winter is often considered one of the worst times to do this due to slower growth; however, there are many reasons why winter can be a great time to install Perth turf as we are lucky to have temperate winter conditions.

Ideal Conditions for Perth Turf Establishment

Winter’s cooler temperatures help reduce stress on newly laid turf, supporting the turf establishment process. On top of that, lower evaporation rates mean that the soil preserves moisture for longer periods, providing consistent hydration. The turf establishes itself in its’ new environment and is happily growing in anticipation for spring to arrive.

Efficient use of Resources

The enhanced preservation of moisture and the increased amount of rainfall in Perth’s winter months result in fewer frequent watering requirements compared to the warmer seasons, which is especially important for maintaining Perth turf. Winter conditions promote deeper root growth for Perth turf, which results in stronger roots that lead to healthier, more resilient turf. 

Importance of Climate Conditions and Water Conservation

With a requirement to conserve water due to recent dry months and the introduction of water restrictions, efficient water use is vital. Laying turf in the winter aligns perfectly with these conservation efforts, as the higher rain and cooler temperatures naturally reduce the need for irrigation. As underlined by the Water Corporation’s Winter Sprinkler Switch-off, it is now crucial to save water whenever possible. The Water Corp requires all residential premises to turn their sprinklers off from June 1 or risk receiving a $100 fine. 

Different turf varieties require different levels of water, which can be difficult to achieve while the sprinkler switch-off is in place. Thankfully, the wet season allows all turf varieties to de-stress and increase microbial activity in the soil. One variety in particular loves Winter, Carabooda Kikuyu. Winter provides the perfect environment for Kikuyu to grow quickly and compete against any Winter weeds that are trying to germinate. You can achieve a beautiful, lush lawn in winter by using Kikuyu.

You Can Get a Water Exemption

During the sprinkler switch-off, you can also apply to the Water Corporation for an exemption allowing you to use your reticulation system during the wet season. This means not only will you benefit from the free water coming from rainfall, but you will also be allowed to use your sprinklers to help your new Perth lawn establish itself in your garden during dry, cold winter spells!

At Carabooda Lawn Turf Farm, we have a variety of quality turf options perfectly suited for Perth’s winter conditions, such as Winter Green Couch, Windsor Green Couch and Carabooda Kikuyu Grass. Visit Carabooda Lawns Turf Varieties to explore our selection of Perth turf and find the best solution for your lawn needs.