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The Most Common Perth Lawn Problems – How to Prevent and Fix Them

Grass on Property

If you have Lawn in Perth, you understand that keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful can be a challenge, especially with Perth’s ever-changing climate. While there are many things you can do to keep your lawn looking its best, there are also common problems that can arise, even with the best care. In this blog, we’ll explore the top five lawn problems that Perth Lawn owners face and offer tips on how to fix them.

Lawn Brown Spots

Brown spots on your lawn are one of the most common problems for turf in Perth. These can be caused by a variety of factors, including over-fertilizing or fertilizing and not watering-in the fertiliser properly causing the leaf to burn, underwatering, pest infestations and dog’s urine. Usually, these look like flat spots that are pale brown in colour.

To fix brown spots, first, identify the underlying cause and modify accordingly. Pest infestations can be treated with appropriate pesticides, which can be purchased at Bunnings.

Winter Green Couch turf is the perfect lawn to prevent brown spots. The soft hybrid lawn is hard-wearing which means it is suitable in high-use areas such as sporting ovals. Winter Green thrives in full sun, and only requires low watering.

Lawn Brown Spots

Lawn Weeds

Weeds are another common problem that can ruin the look of your Perth lawn. Weeds can grow quickly, consuming water and out-compete your grass, particularly in Winter spreading quickly throughout your garden.. This can become a costly issue.

It is vital to identify weed growth early and intervene sooner rather than later. To fix weed problems, it’s important to identify the specific weed species and choose the appropriate herbicide. You can bring a sample of the weed into a Bunnings nursery or email a photo to us at sales@caraboodalawn.com.au.  Some herbicides can harm your grass if used improperly, so it’s essential to read the instructions carefully and stick to the recommended application rates. 

If you want to prevent weeds from growing in your lawn, the best place to start is with a weed-inhibiting lawn such as Sir Walter Soft Buffalo

Lawn Weeds

Lawn Pests

Lawn pests, such as Armyworms, Cutworms, African Black Beetles, and Couch Mites can also be a problem for Perth Lawns. These pests can damage your lawn by feeding on the roots, causing brown or bare patches to appear, and affecting the growth of your lawn.

To fix pest problems, identify the specific pest species and choose an appropriate pesticide. It’s essential that you apply the pesticide correctly and at the right time of year to ensure it’s effective.

Lawn Disease

Fungal diseases can also affect your Perth lawn, causing brown patches and other problems. These diseases can be caused by overwatering or watering late when there is no evaporation, poor soil drainage, and humidity.

To fix lawn disease problems, it’s important to identify the specific disease and choose an appropriate fungicide. It’s also important to correct any underlying factors that may be contributing to the problem, such as poor soil drainage.

Premium lawns such as our Australian Matilda Soft Buffalo are both durable and salt tolerant making them ideal for families. Our local Perth Soft Buffalo varieties have climatised to our hot windy weather and if well maintained, they perform extremely well and resist disease well.

Lawn Disease

Lawn Compaction

Lawn compaction can also be a problem for lawns in Perth. This occurs when the soil becomes too compacted, preventing air and water from reaching the roots of your grass. This can happen with regular lawn use, particularly on lawns used for sport or where there is lots of foot traffic or vehicles parked on the lawn.

You can fix compaction problems on your Perth lawn by aerating your lawn with a special machine that removes small plugs of soil. This will loosen the soil and allow air and water to reach the roots of your grass.

If you are after a lawn that will be used regularly for sport, then Windsor Green is the perfect Perth turf for fast recovery from wear and tear.

Maintaining a healthy lawn in Perth requires effort and attention, but choosing a quality turf such as that supplied by Carabooda Lawn Perth can help to lower the time spent on some of these common Perth Lawn issues. By identifying and fixing common lawn problems, you can ensure your lawn looks its best all year round. Remember to choose appropriate products and apply them correctly for the best results.

Are you considering purchasing Perth Turf from Carabooda Lawn? Get in touch with the team today to discuss why we believe we have the best turf in Perth. 

Lawn Compaction